PUSH IT: WP.org software + sam-malone.com?

January 10, 2010

I can dl WP 2.9.1 here

I can dl WP 2.8.6 through my host LunarPages > control panel > Fantastico. LunarPages is hosting my self-built, professional site sam-malone.com

What I’m hoping to accomplish with WP, is to integrate certain strains of my WP Blog (eg Design – posts containing txt+img of the latest project I’m brainstorming or have finished) into a page – under my own domain name.

I also would love to add tags/metadata to existing projects on my site, allowing flexible navigation… browsing tag-clouds/lists, and intrasite search (eg. ‘branding’ ‘animation’ ‘typography’)

ugh, and if i could just learn this damn javascript, i need some slick slideshows!


new blog!

January 10, 2010

So, I’ve imported both my LiveJournal (LJ) and my Blogger. All posts set to private for now. I’ll work back through them and update/organize metadata.

I’m guessing WP ‘category’ ‘tags’ and ‘pages’ will be the tools to delineate posts into topic-filtered sub-blogs…